Being a parent is difficult, especially if your teenager has found solace in alcohol abuse. As your doubts start to accumulate, you are left wondering whether your child has turned into an alcoholic or if they are experiencing something else entirely. You need to determine the real issue so you can consider options like teen alcohol abuse treatment in Los Angeles. 

Adolescence is a complicated stage, full of changes and experimentation. So, how can you distinguish alcohol abuse from crucial formative experiences? Trust your parental instincts — they will let you identify your teen’s struggles.  

Signs and symptoms of teen alcohol abuse: What to look for?

Take into account that everyone experiences alcohol abuse differently. However, understanding alcohol addiction is critical. The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth states that 5,000 people who are under 21 die every year due to causes related to alcohol consumption, including suicide and homicide. Moreover, about 600,000 young people suffer health and mental consequences due to alcohol.

To prevent your teen from becoming a statistic, take immediate action after determining that your teen is abusing alcohol. Look for the following signs and symptoms of teen alcohol abuse:


  • Alcohol smell.
  • Trouble with coordination.
  • Constant intoxicated appearance.
  • Unkempt look.
  • Bloodshot eyes.
  • Poor personal hygiene.
  • Tolerance to alcohol due to excessive drinking.


  • Academic decline.
  • Concentration problems.
  • Mood swings and rash actions.
  • Different social circles.
  • Self-esteem issues.
  • Being secretive.
  • Avoiding spending time with family.
  • Isolation from everything to continue drinking.
  • Increasing lying tendencies.
  • Suicidal tendencies.

These signs and symptoms can intensify if alcohol is paired with other drugs. Also, look for co-occurring mental disorders like depression, schizophrenia, manic depression, and anxiety disorder. Use this as the proof you need to get your child help. Prevent these signs from turning into severe, long-term consequences.

How to: Get your teen the help for an alcohol problem

Having open communication with your teen is a good start to convince them to get help for their alcohol problem. Approach this matter as calmly and delicately as possible because doing otherwise may put your child on the defensive. They likely already know that they have made a mistake and may even be feeling hopeless. You have to be their anchor and guide them away from alcohol. If they realize that you understand their situation and will support them no matter what, their thoughts toward getting teen alcohol abuse treatment in Los Angeles will be favorable.

The Solution: Teen alcohol abuse treatment

Los Angeles is home to different teen alcohol abuse treatment. Some of the available programs include inpatient and outpatient programs that provide structured and comprehensive treatments. Teenagers admitted to these programs are monitored and cared for around the clock.

In support groups, your teen will share their experiences among others in the same situation as them. These groups can give your teen a new perspective that might help them turn their back on alcohol.

In family therapies, parents and family members are encouraged to participate. These sessions are a safe zone for both the struggling patient and their family to discuss matters that may have been disregarded before entering treatment.

However, you should prioritize a treatment program that is customized for your teen’s needs. A tailored program can induce a feeling of safety and comfort. Treatment programs should not be something to be feared but rather enjoyed.

At Teen Alcohol Rehab CA, we can provide your teen with the best possible alcohol abuse treatment program curated specifically for them. We help adolescents kick their drinking habits in a positive environment. Our psychologists will provide one on one sessions and help your child understand their issues. Contact us now, and together, we’ll make your teen’s life free of alcohol abuse.

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