Teenagers, on average, have less self-control than grown-ups. They take more risks and are more likely to experiment with new stuff. Teens also have strong, overpowering emotions. Since they frequently try to “fit in” at any cost, they are particularly susceptible to peer pressure.

The primary purpose of alcohol misuse rehabilitation programs is to prevent underage drinking and addiction. There are numerous rehab facilities for teens in California, particularly in Los Angeles. However, not everyone knows what characterizes a good rehabilitation program for teens. Here is a quick guide for choosing the best teen alcohol rehab program.

How Can You Help A Struggling Teen?

Teen alcohol dependency and addiction have become a growing concern in Los Angeles. While most adults drink on special occasions, teens tend to make it a habit — a way to keep up with peers. 

Your teen may not be sharing their problems with you. An alcoholic behavior must not go ignored, or it might have fatal consequences. To help your teen overcome their struggles, the best way is to talk to them one-on-one. Let them share what’s on their mind so you can figure out the next step to take. If you see obvious signs of alcohol use, or if your teen outright admits it, you may want to consider looking for alcohol rehab centers as soon as possible.

Teens who struggle with alcohol dependency and addiction exhibit noticeable behavioral changes. Some of the symptoms include irritability, recklessness, and secretiveness. You may also notice problems like a sudden drop in school grades, loss of interest in spending time with peers, new friends, poor sleep quality, money problems, and continuous neglect of schoolwork and household activities.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Teen Alcohol Rehab Program

Although teens like to drink to socialize in clubs and parties, alcohol negatively impacts their systems. Parents should promptly look for alcohol rehab for teens to help their children avoid severe issues down the line. Below is a list of questions that you should ask rehab centers before choosing a treatment plan.

  1. Is the facility registered and accredited?
  2. Are the staff professionally trained to handle alcohol-dependent teens?
  3. What are the facility’s goals?
  4. What is a “successful rehab program” according to the facility?
  5. What kind of treatments are available?
  6. What is the duration of the programs?
  7. How much does the program cost?
  8. Does the company accept insurance?

Characteristics to Look for in an Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol rehab centers must prioritize the needs of their patients above all else. One factor you should look for is if they involve the family during the treatment process. Since teens need parental or familial support, it is best to find programs that let parents attend talk sessions. This is particularly important because some alcoholic teens admit that one of the root causes of their drinking behavior is a family issue.

Allowing parents to participate in the program can help teens achieve recovery and succeed in their healing journey. It also helps counselors and therapists understand what goes on in the patient’s household and what they can do about it.

What You Should Not Do When Choosing Alcohol Rehab for Teens

When looking for a teen alcohol rehab program, the most common mistake that parents make is choosing the first facility they encounter. Picking a rehab center is not a race. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to finding the best ones.

As mentioned, a good alcohol rehab program prioritizes the teen’s needs and not the company’s reputation or income. Hence, one thing you should consider is researching what programs they offer for your teen. Then, compare it with other programs from different treatment facilities. By doing this, you will be able to understand the pros and cons much better.
Although some parents might want to skip the hassle of asking around and reviewing centers, know that this may be a cause for concern during the teen’s rehab process. No one wants to go back to square one because the first treatment did not work as planned. Proper research is vital to ensure your teen’s full recovery.

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