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Teenage Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Our Teen Alcohol Rehab Program is perfect for adolescents partying too much, who have developed a common drinking problem. Teenage alcohol use is extremely dangerous and is often mixed with other drugs which can be deadly. Contact us today to learn about our teen alcohol rehab therapy programs. Let us help get your teen back on track.

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Los Angeles Teen Alcohol Rehab

Helping Teens kick their drinking habit, in a controlled positive setting.

Our licensed psychologists work with your teen one on one to identify the reason they’ve developed an alcohol addiction. Through individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, we’ll help your teen kick their alcohol dependency.

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Focusing on the positive

Teenage alcohol usage often begins with peer pressure from friends, but the mainstream media doesn’t help. We’ll help your teen develop positive habits, focus on passions, learn to enjoy studying and gaining knowledge. Combined with evidence-based therapy, all of these personal life skills help teenagers grow mentally, and away from alcohol dependency. Learning to ‘just say no’ and being okay with it.

Teen Partial Hospitalization Program

The highest level of care offered, our Teen PHP Program offers structure 5 days a week, 8 hours per day. This is an outpatient program and your teen will return home each day.

Teen Outpatient Program

A structured teen alcohol treatment program designed for adolescents aged 14-17 who have begun to struggle in their day-to-day lives with alcohol.

Mentoring & Companioning

Sometimes a teenager needs a mentor in life to help guide them. Our mentorship and companioning programs help teenagers find passions, and have someone to share it with. Mentors hold teens accountable, and become a solid support system for them.

We believe that everyone has the ability to change.

Teenagers who have fallen into the wrong crowd and began partying too much need supportive guidance, from trusted individuals who aren’t their family. Our Teen Alcohol Rehab Program and Teen Treatment Programs provide this and will help your struggling adolescent find positivity in their everyday lives.

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Helping Teens Say No To Alcohol

A real friend will support you no matter what. We’ll help your teenager realize this and seek out more friends that genuinely support them. Our Los Angeles Teen Alcohol Rehab helps your teen become empowered by saying “no” to alcohol.

Indiviudal, Group and Family Therapy

Any adolescent that requires teen alcohol rehab, needs intensive therapy, several times per week. Our licensed clinicians and psychologists will help your teen look within, and find the root cause of their teen alcohol abuse through individual one-on-one therapy sessions. Group therapy is highly effective as teenagers can share what is and isn’t working for them. Family therapy is also a necessary part of our program. Changes often are needed from both the teenagers and family members.

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